Lean Analytics 23

SaaS: Lines in the Sand Paid Enrollment Churn, engagement, and upselling metrics are similar across many SaaS companies. But there’s one factor that produces a huge difference across many metrics: asking for payment up front during a trial. Totango, a provider of SaaS customer intelligence and engagement software, has data across more than 100 SaaSContinue reading “Lean Analytics 23”

Lean Analytics 22

E-commerce: Lines in the Sand Before we get into specific e-commerce metrics, we want to reinforce an important dimension of storefront segmentation. There’s a tendency to think of all mobile use as the same. That’s wrong. “One of my pet peeves these days is how ‘mobile’ traffic is defined,” says investor and entrepreneur Derek Szeto.Continue reading “Lean Analytics 22”

Lean Analytics 17

Stage three: Virality In 1997, venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson first used the term viral marketing to describe network-assisted word of mouth.* The firm had seen the power of virality firsthand with Hotmail, which included a vector for infection in every email—the now-famous link at the bottom of a message that invited recipients toContinue reading “Lean Analytics 17”

Lean Analytics 15

Stage One: Empathy At the outset, you’re spending your time discovering what’s important to people and being empathetic to their problems. You’re searching through listening. You’re digging for opportunity through caring about others. Right now, your job isn’t to prove you’re smart, or that you’ve found a solution. Your job is to get inside someoneContinue reading “Lean Analytics 15”