Lean Analytics 13

Model Six: two-Sided Marketplaces Two-sided marketplaces are a variation on e-commerce sites, but they’re different enough to warrant a separate discussion. If, after reading Chapter 7, you’ve concluded that you’re running this kind of company, here’s what you need to know. In this model, the company makes money when a buyer and seller come togetherContinue reading “Lean Analytics 13”

Lean Analytics 12

Model Five: user-generated Content You might think that Facebook, reddit, and Twitter are media sites, and you’d be right: they make their money from advertising. But their primary goal is rallying an engaged community that creates content. Similarly focused sites like Wikipedia make their money from other sources, such as donations. We call these businessesContinue reading “Lean Analytics 12”

Lean Analytics 8

Model One: E-commerce In an e-commerce company, a visitor buys something from a web-based retailer. This is perhaps the most common kind of online business, and it’s certainly the one that the majority of traditional analytics tools are aimed at. Big retailers like Amazon, Walmart.com, and Expedia are all e-commerce companies. If the e-commerce modelContinue reading “Lean Analytics 8”