Chapter 1 Get Client Now

What Really Works? Effective Marketing Strategies “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”—Henry David Thoreau Marketing Made Simple Marketing is telling people what you do, over and over. There are many ways of telling people—in person,Continue reading “Chapter 1 Get Client Now”

CHAPTER 16 Inbound Marketing

Why Now? One hundred years ago, most companies were local busi-nesses and most of their marketing happened door-to-door.The introduction of motion pictures, radio, and television platforms ushered in the first major marketing shift in the last century as companies found it much more efficient tomass outbound marketing to consumers and businesses.Because outbound marketing scaled betterContinue reading “CHAPTER 16 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 15 Inbound Marketing

On Commitment, Patience and Learning Learning inbound marketing is like learning to play the gui-tar. The first step in playing the guitar is learning how to play the G chord by placing three fingers on your left handin awkward positions and strumming the strings with a pick in your right hand. The second step isContinue reading “CHAPTER 15 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 14 Inbound Marketing

Watching Your Competition We recently spent some time with Jim Cash. Jim is a former professor at Harvard Business School and now is a profes-sional board member, serving on the boards of Microsoft,GE, Wal-Mart, Chubb, The Boston Celtics, among others.We asked Jim to tell us about some of the world class CEOs that he hasContinue reading “CHAPTER 14 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 13 Inbound Marketing

Picking and Measuringa PR Agency Traditionally, a PR agency earns its fees by introducing its clients to editors of print journals that cover their industry,such as CIO Magazine or Modern Bride. This model hasbeen beneficial for the PR firms, clients, and print journalists for several decades now.PR agencies have two core competencies. They have aContinue reading “CHAPTER 13 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 12 Inbound Marketing

Picking and MeasuringYour People The rules of marketing haven’t changed much since com-panies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, and IBM perfected the craft of interrupting their way into customers’wallets using outbound marketing. As we have shown throughout this book, the era of interruption-based market-ing is coming to an end because people have becomeContinue reading “CHAPTER 12 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 11 Inbound Marketing

Make Better MarketingDecisions If you’re like many marketers, you already have a very long “to do” list: buying e-mail lists and sending out e-mail blasts, hiring telemarketers, hiring/managingPRfirms tocallmagazine editors about your press releases, managing and attending trade shows, developing marketing campaigns,and so on. If you want to run before you walk with inbound marketing,Continue reading “CHAPTER 11 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 10 Inbound Marketing

Convert Leads to Customers Once you have a steady flow of leads coming in due to your inbound marketing efforts, you can then start to convert these leads into paying customers. Grading Your LeadsNot all inbound leads are created equal. They don’t all close at a higher rate, faster or with less effort than outboundContinue reading “CHAPTER 10 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 9 Inbound Marketing

Convert Prospects into Leads The previous chapter talked about calls-to-action that con-vert untargeted traffic. This chapter talks about how to use specialized web pages (landing pages) to convert high per-centages of more targeted traffic that is driven through pro-grams such as e-mail marketing or pay per click campaigns. You can use landing pages to sendContinue reading “CHAPTER 9 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 8 Inbound Marketing

Convert Visitors into Leads You now know how to get your web site and other con-tent found by your target market using various methods, including how to pull people into your business using blogs, Google and Social Media. However, simply getting visitors to your web site isn’t enough. You need to convert these visitors intoContinue reading “CHAPTER 8 Inbound Marketing”