Online Education For Dummies 20

Ten Nationally Recognized Online Schools In This Chapter ▶ Referencing the best known online schools ▶ Providing contact information While it seems almost every college in North America offers some form of online education, a handful do it exceedingly well. In this chapter, we give you contact information and notes on ten of the mostContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 20”

Online Education For Dummies 19

Ten Myths about Online Education In This Chapter ▶ Exposing the common myths of online education ▶ Revealing the truth about learning online Despite the growing popularity of online courses, a number of myths related to online learning persist. People don’t know what to make of studying and learning online. In this chapter, we bustContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 19”

Online Education For Dummies 18

Accessibility in Online Education ▶ Determining how accessible an online course is ▶ Letting your school know about your disability ▶ Using assistive technology for online courses When it comes to accessibility for people with disabilities, we’re being brutally honest in saying that the field of online education is still working on getting it right.Continue reading “Online Education For Dummies 18”

Online Education For Dummies 17

Connecting with International Students In This Chapter ▶ Going to school in the United States without leaving home ▶ Getting on the Internet ▶ Enjoying your time in class Not every online student logs in from within U.S. borders, and we acknowledge that a much bigger world is out there. This chapter deals with studentsContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 17”

Online Education For Dummies 16

Educating Students from Kindergarten through High School In This Chapter ▶ Considering the role of online education for young learners ▶ Examining the differences between online education for kids and adults ▶ Looking at different kinds of virtual schools ▶ Getting into class A popular viral video is circulating among teachers that reinforces the ideaContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 16”

Online Education For Dummies 15

Transitioning after School In This Chapter ▶ Creating an ePortfolio of your work ▶ Finding a job upon finishing your online studies In Chapter 5, we talk about finding a program and institution that meet your needs. Why are you in school? The vision of your goal should be a constant driving force throughout yourContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 15”

Online Education For Dummies 14

Finishing and Submitting Your Assignments In This Chapter ▶ Reading and interpreting rubrics to your advantage ▶ Writing for the best grade ▶ Understanding the variety of possible assignments ▶ Turning it all in From earlier chapters in this book, you know the drill: how to log in, who’s in class, and how and whyContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 14”

Online Education For Dummies 13

Understanding Netiquette and Ethical Behavior In This Chapter ▶ Employing netiquette ▶ Practicing ethics ▶ Writing without plagiarizing Remember the Robert Fulghum book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? In it, he states some of the simple rules from childhood, including to play fair and not take things that aren’t yours.Continue reading “Online Education For Dummies 13”

Online Education For Dummies 12

Getting a Handle on Group Dynamics In This Chapter ▶ Identifying strategies for being a successful group member ▶ Resolving conflict online Do you smile or cringe when you hear the words group project? We find that students have extreme views: Either they truly appreciate group projects or they really detest them. Those who appreciateContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 12”

Online Education For Dummies 11

Developing Good Study Habits for Online Courses In This Chapter ▶ Scheduling time to study ▶ Surfing the Web with ease ▶ Reading course materials efficiently ▶ Using the virtual library ▶ Studying offline Many students taking an online class for the first time are not accustomed to the amount of self-discipline it takes toContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 11”