Online Education For Dummies 10

Communicating Clearly Online In This Chapter ▶ Exploring the different ways people communicate online ▶ Establishing your online identity ▶ Taking part in discussions ▶ Using social networks in learning In a traditional classroom, hashing out new concepts and debating the merits of various ideas are hallmarks of good learning. The same is true inContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 10”

Online Education For Dummies 9

Meeting the People in (And around) Your Classroom In This Chapter ▶ Working well with your instructor and classmates ▶ Introducing the folks behind the scenes Remember the first day of school when you couldn’t wait to find out who your teacher was and who was in your class? In the online classroom, that sameContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 9”

Online Education For Dummies 8

Navigating the Classroom In This Chapter ▶ Getting into your virtual classroom ▶ Finding and reviewing the documents you need to succeed ▶ Determining how the content in a course is organized ▶ Meeting folks during office hours On the first day of a traditional class, the instructor usually passes out papers, explains the class,Continue reading “Online Education For Dummies 8”

Online Education For Dummies 7

Getting Accepted and Prepping for Class In This Chapter ▶ Discovering whether you’ve been accepted ▶ Enrolling in classes ▶ Getting oriented to the online learning environment ▶ Shopping for and buying books You’ve done your research, applied to an institution (or two, or more), and now you’re waiting to hear back. What happens next?Continue reading “Online Education For Dummies 7”

Online Education For Dummies 6

Applying to School and Securing the Cash In This Chapter ▶ Understanding the process of applying to school ▶ Getting together the forms and documents you need ▶ Considering how much school costs and how you’ll pay for it Once you’ve decided what you want to study and where, the next step is to applyContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 6”

Online Education For Dummies 5

Doing Your Homework: Evaluating Schools In This Chapter ▶ Determining whether a program or course meets your needs ▶ Finding an accredited school ▶ Asking the right questions when interviewing schools ▶ Selecting schools to apply to One of the hardest decisions you have to make when deciding to go back to school is whichContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 5”

Online Education For Dummies 4

Discovering What’s Available Online In This Chapter ▶ Sorting through the various types of online programs and courses ▶ Looking for courses in a variety of institutions ▶ Surveying different online course structures ▶ Establishing strategies for taking accelerated online courses After your appetite for learning online has been whetted, where should you go toContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 4”

Online Education For Dummies 3

The Technology and Technological Skills You Need to Succeed In This Chapter ▶ Making sure you have the right technological equipment ▶ Confirming your technological abilities ▶ Communicating safely online When it comes to technology and taking online courses, there are two essential components to being successful: technological inventory and technological competencies.✓ Your technological inventoryContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 3”

Online Education For Dummies 2

The Traits and Benefits of Online Education In This Chapter ▶ Comparing online education to its traditional counterpart ▶ Looking at who’s learning online ▶ Watching out for a few potential disadvantages ▶ Considering the traits you need to succeed Ask almost anyone in the civilized world to describe school, and they will probably tellContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 2”

Online Education For Dummies 1

Heading Online for Your Education In This Chapter ▶ Seeing what online education is all about ▶ Walking through the process of becoming an online student ▶ Finding out what it takes to succeed in online classes ▶ Looking at special populations that may benefit from online courses Hello, and welcome to the world ofContinue reading “Online Education For Dummies 1”