CHAPTER 7 Inbound Marketing

Get Found in Social Media Social media is all the rage. We’ll bet that not a week (or per-haps even a day) goes by when you’re not having a colleague connect with you on LinkedIn, receiving a friend request on Facebook, or hearing about Twitter on TV. What is socialmedia? The all-knowing Wikipedia defines socialContinue reading “CHAPTER 7 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 6 Inbound Marketing

Getting Found in Google How many times did you use Google to look for something today? Chances are, several times. In fact, Americans conducted over 13 billion searches alone in April 2009using Google, according to Com Score1. Total search activity for the same period for all search engines was over 22,000 searches. It’s likely thatContinue reading “CHAPTER 6 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 5 Inbound Marketing

Get Found in the Blogosphere As we discussed earlier, to be an effective inbound mar-keter, it’s important you create lots of remarkable content.A great way to create lots of remarkable content is by starting a blog.Blogging makes sense for many types of businesses for many reasons. First, a blog will establish your company as aContinue reading “CHAPTER 5 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 4 Inbound Marketing

Create Remarkable Content Beyond a remarkable value proposition, you must also cre-ate remarkable content about your company and products,for two important reasons.First,remarkable content attracts links from other web sites pointing to your web site. In other words, you want your content to prompt other content producers on the Web to“remark” about your products and servicesContinue reading “CHAPTER 4 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 3 Inbound Marketing

Are You Worthy? In order to move from outbound to inbound marketing, youneed to stop interrupting people in your target market and“get found” by them instead. To do this, you’ll need to ensureyour company’s value proposition is truly remarkable.Whatdo we mean by “remarkable”? We borrowed the term fromSeth God in who uses it in placeContinue reading “CHAPTER 3 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 2 Inbound Marketing

Is Your Web Site a Marketing Hub? The history of the company web site began with the paper brochure that was handed out at trade shows and stuffed intoenvelopes formailing tounsuspecting prospects. When the Internet came into play, this same brochurewas handed to a Web designer who turned it into a beautiful web site. ThisContinue reading “CHAPTER 2 Inbound Marketing”

CHAPTER 1 Inbound Marketing

Shopping Has Changed…Has Your Marketing? The fundamental task of marketers is to spread the word about their products and services in order to get people to buy them. To accomplish this task,marketers use a combina-tionof outbound techniques includinge-mail blasts, telemar-keting, directmail, TV, radio, andprint advertising, and trade shows (or expos) in order to reach theirContinue reading “CHAPTER 1 Inbound Marketing”

Chapter 22 Ten Ways Product Managers Fail Product Management

IN THIS CHAPTER Misusing your time Declining to reach out Working with too little knowledge The chapters throughout this book focus mostly on ways to make your product and yourproduct management career successful. This chapter is a more tongue-in-cheek look atthings we’ve seen product managers do that have caused them to fall short. Talking MoreContinue reading “Chapter 22 Ten Ways Product Managers Fail Product Management”

Chapter 21 Ten (Plus One) Road Maps to Help You Succeed Product Management

IN THIS CHAPTER Looking at the most common road maps product managers use Understanding how to use road maps with internal and external audiences Product road maps can be a highly effective tool for a product manager . They help toorganize and plan out the future of products, show the team and others how theContinue reading “Chapter 21 Ten (Plus One) Road Maps to Help You Succeed Product Management”